A little tour of the university


When you first stepped into one of the buildings of this majestic university, you probably felt overwhelmed and confused, because you didn’t know where to go first. You might be wondering what all those numbers mean and you tried, just like Sherlock Holmes, to clear the mystery.

Well, I am here to say that you are not the only one! We all have been there! You don’t have to worry, because this article is meant to teach you how to find your way in this maze. At first, it might seem complicated to find the room where you’ll have your first lecture, because you don’t understand how the number 2407 is going to help you. But things will get easier in just a few minutes. 

The first digit indicates the building’s number, the second one leads you to the right floor and the last two shows you the room number. To clear things out, I’ll go back to our room, 2407, which is nowhere else but in building number 2, on the 4th floor, room 7.

I’m sure that you are now asking where can you find the building number 2. Well, you must know that our university has 10 buildings numbered from 0 to 9, as known as:


  • 0 –  Ion N. Angelescu 
  • 1 –  Mihai Eminescu
  • 2 – Virgil Madgearu
  • 3 – Mihail Moxa
  • 4 – Victor Slăvescu
  • 5 – Stanislav Cihoschi
  • 6 – Gym
  • 7 – Anton Davidoglu
  • 8 – Tache Ionescu
  • 9 – Nicolae Iorga


Another essential thing you have to know is that Aula Magna is located in building number 0, Ion N. Angelescu. Amphitheatres I, II and III are also there, but if you need to get to the amphitheatres 3MI – 3MVIII, you must go to Mihail Moxa building.

Also, you’ll find out that most of the classrooms of cybernetics are on the 1st and 2nd floor of our building, Virgil Madgearu.

If you wanna save time or if you are in a hurry and you need to get from Virgil Madgearu building to Mihai Eminescu, you must know that on the 1st and 2nd floors there are two passages which link this two buildings together. If you want to explore more, you can also go from Mihai Eminescu building to Ion Angelescu through a glass tunnel called “The Bran Pass”.

Another place worth mentioning is The House of Economics Students, on 31 Frumoasa Street, where you’ll spend a good part of your time if you decide to get involved in volunteering. Here you can find the headquarters of all the student organisations from our university and also the Student Accomodation Service, where you should submit the application for a place at the student dorm.

Now that we are all set, I’m sure you’re ready to make your journey through university worthy of an Oscar nomination.


Original by Andreas Roată-Moale

Translated by Cristina-Roxana Petrache